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LESSER Rechtsanwälte is a legal practice in Baden-Baden with subsidiaries in Achern and Gernsbach (Germany). It has 5 working lawyers: lawyer Siegfried Walther, lawyer / specialized lawyer for Employment Law Dr. Michael Weber, lawyer / specialized lawyer for Employment Law / specialized lawyer for Landlord, Tenant and Home Ownership Law Dr. Patrick Bruns, lawyer / specialized lawyer for Employment Law / specialized lawyer for Administrative Law Hanno Herrmann and lawyer / specialized lawyer for Inheritance Law / specialized lawyer für Traffic Law Benedikt Jaeschke. So the lawyers handle mandates as specialists in nearly all matters of law, especially the Employment Law and also the Civil Law. However, that does not mean the practice only deals in the above areas. Civil Law covers a large legal area including Contractual Rights, Compensation Rights, and Law regarding Rented Property, Building Law, Traffic Law, Administrative Law and also Medical Liability. The offer of advice and representation is on the understanding that the Company or citizen is covered by the judicial court system in and around Baden-Baden. The practice acts as a lawyer for the whole family or the whole enterprise and therefore endeavours to reject as few as possible client enquiries. For the practice to offer an extensive range of services they maintain close contact to specialists e.g.: in the area of Administrative Law they work further with clients who have International Concerns. As the practice is near to the German-French Border they are familiar with all the facts regarding French language. If it is necessary to appear before the French courts or authorities then the practice will switch all proceedings to a partner lawyer in France. In Baden-Baden and the vicinity many Companies and citizens are from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The practice has many Russian speaking clients and therefore works closely together with Russian lawyers when e.g.: a document is required or needs to be prepared especially in Russian.

Alongside the representation of all German Courts (with the exception of the Federal Supreme Court) the legal practice also offers extra judicial services including formulation of Contractual Agreements, accompanying the client to general meetings, local hearings or visits to authorities, also assistance with Company Restructuring, Business Formation and the setting up of Trusts. Furthermore, the lawyers are regularly acting as mediators for official legal issues for the Districts of Baden-Baden, Achern and Gernsbach.

To fulfil all of the legal activity listed above the practice is equipped with Specialist Software. When required, it is also possible for all communication with the client (in encoded form) to be completed over the internet. The practice can also offer freelance Investigation service via a third party.

For reference the practice has at its disposal a comprehensive up to date library, a Juris-Online and a Beck-Online Connection. This provides a source of information for all published court decisions, written papers by legal professionals and law school published journals. This assists in making it possible to produce quality, high standard work normally offered only by large legal practices. Alongside the legal activities of the practice it also operates a Quality Management System to the Certification Standard ISO EN 9001:2000.

Due to the manageable size of the practice the prices remain moderate. This makes our services also an interesting prospect to Companies that larger firms leave unrepresented.

Contact: english@lesser-rechtsanwaelte.de